Woman with elbows on desk reading a book which covers her face
A piece of graph paper with 'You completed the shifting of particles for today. Hurrah!' hand-written at the top. Triangles and circles drawn below.
A woman and a man reading from a text
writing, drawings and chewing gum on a sheet of paper,
A woman sitting in the dark reading a poem by candle light
a negative photo of writing on lined paper
red and black graffiti on a wall including the words 'unkind' and 'you are unkind'

THANK Forum for Disabled Writers Panel : Jessica Alice (Facilitator), Kate Larsen, Carly Findlay, Gaele Sobott and Gayle Kennedy joined the panel on Skype.

Black and white photo of four women sitting on chairs facing the camera. Women from right to left are: Gaele Sobott, Carly Findlay, Kate Larsen and Jessica Alice.