Outlandish Arts is a disabled-led, not-for-profit organisation.


Outlandish Arts forges pathways that foster and expand the capacity of Australian artists to create art that transforms society. We shift the conditions that limit artist and audience access to the wider possibilities of creative expression and representation.


Outlandish Arts develops and promotes high-quality art with a focus on artists who do not have equal access to sustainable creative pathways and artistic platforms.

Strategic objectives


  • Prioritise support for artists who do not have equal access to mainstream forums, with specific emphasis on artists with disability;
  • Raise the aspirations of Australian artists;
  • Raise the quality of Australian art;
  • Provide local, national and international performance, exhibition and publication opportunities for Australian artists;
  • Develop alternative creative platforms and pathways in tandem to mainstream forums;
  • Nurture sector confidence in independent, flexible artistic frameworks;
  • Take risks that support artists to create work and gain recognition;
  • Build value for artists and their artwork by working to industry standards.


GAELE SOBOTT PhD is an independent producer and curator with national and international experience in multi-art forms. Through her cultural leadership Gaele has achieved significant standing in the Deaf and disabled arts sector. She is a writer who has published a range of acclaimed works including Colour Me Blue and My Longest Round. She was artist in residence at Google Australia, and is currently co-editor of /dɪsˈrʌpt/, an online platform for D/deaf and disabled artists, with Verity La.

FETHI RABHI PhD is a professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering at UNSW. He is founder of the FinanceIT@UNSW Initiative and a member of the Service-Oriented Computing Research Group. His research areas include Data Science, Software Engineering and Software Applications in Finance, Economics and Media. Fethi is interested in Middle Eastern and North African music and is a member of the Sydney Andalus Arabic Choir.

KEN CANNING is a Murri writer, poet and activist. His people are from the Kunja Clan of the Bidjara Nation in south west Queensland, Australia. His Bidjara name is Burraga Gutya. Ken worked as an academic and cultural adviser at the University of Technology Sydney and is now a support worker at the Judge Rainbow Memorial Fund. His publications include Ngali Ngalga and Yimbama, His first major play, 49 Days a Week, was showcased at the Yellamundie National First Peoples Playwriting Festival 2017.

GAELLE MELLIS is an award-winning theatre designer and maker, valued as a cultural leader within both the disability arts and mainstream arts sectors. She created Australia’s first performance incorporating ‘aesthetic access’, the award winning Take Up Thy Bed and Walk. Her design work includes the world premiere of Ancient Rain starring Irish chanteuse, Camille O’Sullivan, and iconic Australian singer-songwriter, Paul Kelly for the 2016 Dublin Theatre Festival. Gaelle is an access consultant and has worked with  Adelaide Fringe Parade, Adelaide Film Festival and Australia Council for the Arts.


GAYLE KENNEDY is a member of the Wongaiibon Clan of South West NSW. She worked for many years as policy officer at the Aboriginal Justice Advisory Council, NSW Attorney General’s Department. Gayle is an award-winning author. She wrote for Streetwize comics communicating social issues to young people, Indigenous communities and people of linguistically diverse backgrounds. Her publications include children’s novels for the OUP Yarning Strong series, Koori Girl Goes Shoppin’ and Me, Antman & Fleabag.

PARISA ASVADI PhD is a scientist with over ten-years’ experience working on the development of novel biotherapeutics and biosimilars in Australia, Europe and India. Parisa’s interest in the arts and community has propelled her involvement as a board member at Auburn Community Development Network and Radio SkidRow. Parisa works as an English/Persian translator and interpreter and has published poetry and short stories in Persian.

LOUISE KATE ANDERSON lived in France where she studied at l’Université de Lumière Lyon 2. She holds a Bachelor of Design in Fashion & Textiles and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of Technology, Sydney. She is President of the artist-run-initiative the Big Fag Press where she produced the 2016 John Demos Memorial Residency Program. Louise is a curator, a multi-disciplinary artist, creative director and writer.


Outlandish Arts  is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW